Burneside Community Energy – Phase 2 Share Offer Launch

Burneside Community Energy is a community benefit society. In 2015 they successfully raised £250,000 from local shareholders to install 250kW of Solar PV on the roof of James Cropper plc. That system has been running above expectation and £5,000 has been earmarked for community projects.

On the back of the success of the first phase, they are now planning their second installation of solar PV, again in partnership with James Cropper plc. We aim to raise £330,000, by offering further shares in BCE, which they anticipate will generate annual interest of over 4.7%. The share offer is open to everyone, though in the event of oversubscription, prioritiy will be given to residents of Burneside and employees of James Cropper.

This share offer will launch at a special event on Wednesday 24th October at 7pm in the Bryce Institute, Burneside. Find out more from the directors of BCE and learn how you can invest in phase 2.