Greenprint timeline


Sep 23

Repair Cafe comes to Nenthead

The second in a series of four Alston Moor Repair Cafes came to Nenthead on Sunday 23 Sept.

Sep 08

Greenprint Convergence

Community groups from Alston Moor came together with sustainability groups from across the region to share ideas and help plan a greener future for the Alston Moor area.

Jul 07

New Alston Moor Repair Cafe is born

Alston Moor’s new Repair Cafe launched on Sat 7 July – the first of four that will be held across Alston Moor. CAfS is running the cafes on behalf of Alston Moor Partnership – made possible by funding from Cumbria County Council and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, funder of the Greenprint project.

Nov 20

Grow Alston Moor

Grow Alston Moor

Works begins to set up a strong food-growing network in Alston. We want to bring people together to grow more of our own food for the Moor, sharing land and skills. Email if you can help!

Nov 20

Training & inspiration before year 2

Cheviot Centre visit - Greenprint

* The Greenprint is represented at a sustainable investment visit to the Cheviot Centre, the Glendale Gateway Trust and the Amble Development Trust. * Greenprint project manager Roe Baker attends the Recycling and Waste Conference: Sustainability Through Behavioural Change. In December 2016, official statistics from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs showed that UK household recycling rates had fallen for the first time on record. This is a significant setback for the UK’s official target of recycling 50% of all household waste by 2020.

Nov 20

Looking back over year 1

* Evaluation of the first year of the Greenprint project begins with interviews

Nov 20

Greenprint Festival

Bolts Ginnels Snickets - Greenprint

* The Alston Moor Greenprint Festival runs from 18th to 24th September, also tying in with the CAfS annual Cumbria Green Build Festival. * Week-long festival is part of the consulting the community about what they feel are the priorities for developing the area. * Events include Alston ARK community art installation, workshops and seminars on community priorities, housing, composting, food waste and a Repair Cafe. * Greenprint project manager meets with Rory Stewart, who supported the Greenprint Festival and project with tweets.

Nov 20

Greenprint goes arty!

Alston ARK planning

* Meeting with the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald to agree how the Greenprint Festival and wider project could be covered. * Alston ‘bank notes’ are specially designed for the Greenprint consultation. The community are asked to prioritise how they’d spend these Bolt, Ginnel and Snicket notes. * Neighbourhood and community planning meeting with Eden District Council and ACTion with Communities in Cumbria, to discuss the Eden Local Plan, affordable housing, housing need and demand and the launch of the Community Housing Fund. * The Alston ARK is built! Community art and engagement in collaboration with Earthkin. Earthkin were established as part of the ARTCOP21 in response to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to succeed and build a sustainable global culture. Climate change is often seen through a policy or scientific lens, and solutions are discussed only in political offices, boardrooms and negotiating halls. ArtCop21 launched ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris, aimed to challenge those tropes. Climate is culture.

Nov 20

Engagement continues

* During the Eden District Council husting, the Green Party and Labour Party candidates hold up the Alston Moor Greenprint project as an exciting model to engage with the community around climate change and economic sustainability and offer their full support. * Work starts with local artists Jules Cadie and Josephine Dickinson to develop the Alston Moor Greenprint Festival – part of the community consultation phase of the Greenprint. Engagement through a community art installation called the Alston ARK, and a wider programme of events as part of the CAfS Green Build Festival.

Nov 20

Waste prevention & health

Climate Just tool

* Links with Eden District Council developed and strengthened, with opportunities to support and deliver as part of a wider waste-prevention programme. * The Greenprint project manager undertook training to use the Climate Just website, a free online mapping tool and hub of information about social and environmental factors that influence people’s vulnerability/risk. It enables users to identify who is most socially vulnerable to fuel poverty, extreme weather and flooding. Mapping identified through the training was later used as evidence in Alston’s fight to save their cottage hospital and meet social care needs.

Nov 20

Community plan interviews under way

Grisedale Community Garden - Greenprint

* Visit to Penrith Community Gardeners by Grisedale Croft community garden for inspiration, guidance and exchange of skills * Group interviews begin for phase 1 of the community plan. We asked what people liked and disliked about living on Alston Moor, what they feared and what they hoped for in the future

Nov 20

Film & seminar

Lime workshop - Alston Moor Heritage

* Film screening of “Qu’est-ce qu’on attend?” (What are we waiting for?) hosted by Alston Moor Film, the community plan team and Greenprint * Lime insulation seminar and demonstration as part of Alston Townscape Heritage Scheme



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