Cumbria Green Build Festival – open your home!

We are now looking for homes for this year’s Cumbria Green Build Festival that will take place from 12th – 27th September (inclusive).

This year will be the festival’s tenth year.  Homeowners like you volunteer to open their doors on a specific date and time within the festival, which this year runs from 12th – 27th September.  We are trying to steer towards evenings and weekends to enable those who work to attend events.

Green Build Festival

We like to get as much information as possible about your home – its age, whether it’s listed or in a conservation area, its size etc., and of course any of the interventions you might have made to make it more energy efficient. This could be anything from draught-proofing to the installation of a biomass boiler. We ask you how many people you would be able to accommodate, which will depend on the size of property and the number you are happy to work with.  We also get directions and parking details and any other information which might be useful to visitors.  We can do that over the phone, or through the form on the website.

Once we’ve done all that, we add it to our schedule.  This is published in our leaflet with full details online.  Here we take the details of those who are attending, up to the maximum you can accommodate, so that on the day we know exactly who is coming, and to prevent too many people showing up. A CAfS representative (a staff member, a trustee or an experienced volunteer) will attend your event to help sign people in, do an intro to CAfS, to you and your property, help shepherd people around, and give advice if people have extra questions.

Those visiting will probably ask questions about the choices you made, how much they cost, how much they save (both energy and money!), whether you were able to take advantage of any incentives etc.  They’ll also want to know things like the upheaval it caused, and the experience you had with your suppliers and installers.

We generally find that an event will run for at least an hour, if not longer, as people tend to ask lots of questions and then chat amongst themselves!  As the homeowners are opening their houses up out of the kindness of their hearts, I try to ensure that you are inconvenienced as little as possible, so we advise visitors that toilet facilities are not available and that there are no refreshments – although some do lots of baking and give people teas and coffees!  We can advise that people remove their shoes, or wear wellies if necessary, or that the visit isn’t appropriate for children, or whatever we feel is necessary to ensure a successful visit for both the householder and the visitors.

If you would like to consider opening your home, business or community building, please complete the form below or call us on 01768 210 276.

We are absolutely indebted to those of you who voluntarily open their doors to show others what you have done.

Green Build Festival - home details

  • If you have an idea for your event name, please enter it here.
  • Each of our Green Build Festival events is unique, so please give us an idea of how you envisage your event running. Please include things like the technologies you've installed, who installed them, is your building residential/commercial, or if it is listed or in a conservation area. Do you intend having the installer on-site?
  • Our events have taken place in tiny cottages to large village halls. Please give us the maximum capacity for your event.
    Please enter a value between 1 and 20.
  • Please indicate what days/times would suit you. This year the festival will run from Sat 13th - Sun 28th Sept (incl). We aim to have most events in the evenings or weekends, to allow as many as possible to attend.
  • Please give the full address of the event location
  • Many of of our events are off the beaten track and very hard to find! Please give us directions to your event.
  • Some of of our events are in rural areas where parking is limited. Please give details of where visitors to your event can park.
  • If you are representing a company, or have a website or blog about your property, please give your company web address.
  • It really helps us to describe and promote your open home event if we've got some images. Please upload any images you are happy for us to use in our promotional material.
    Drop files here or