Sustain Eden

Sustain Eden was a three year programme of individual projects with the aim of helping residents of Penrith and Eden tackle climate change and make greener choices. The programme was a partnership between ten local organisations, and financed by the Big Lottery Fund.

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Sustain Eden Activity map

Follow the link to a map showing the activity of Sustain Eden over various projects. This shows where people have come from and the locations of the different events. It’s interesting to see the range of locations affected by the project, mainly inside the Eden district but across the county and beyond.

Cold to Cosy Homes · Cumbria Action for Sustainability

Save money on your heating bills

CAfS are offering free draught proofing fitting to households on a low income. CAfS also provides energy advice sessions in many locations throughout Eden, offering advice on saving energy and switching energy tariff. Research will be carried out into the efficiency of draught proofing products such as chimney balloons, letter box covers and window and door seals.

For more information and to see if you’re eligible to receive free draught-proofing in your home, call CAfS 01768 210 276 or see

Sustainable Community Solutions · Cumbria Action for Sustainability

Get free help with your community project

CAfS’ Project Manager works with communities to help them implement projects to help their area to be more environmentally and financially sustainable in the long-term, with free one-to-one support, consultancy and training. Projects could include a local renewable energy scheme or upgrading your village hall.

For help with your community project, contact CAfS on 01768 210 276 or see

Green Build Events · Cumbria Action for Sustainability

Site visits to local green homes

CAfS will host over 20 events each year demonstrating energy efficiency, renewable energy installations, the use of natural and sustainable building materials and other green building techniques. The Cumbria Green Build Festival has its own project page if you would like information on this.

For details of forthcoming events, see the events page on CAfS website

Green Transport and Energy · Alston Moor Partnership

Go green in Alston!

Alston’s Sustainability Officer is working to introduce new, greener transport options in and around Alston Moor, including a community run bus service and an electric bike hire scheme. The potential for a locally owned hydroelectric scheme is also being explored.

For more info, see the case studies on our resources page.

Community Woodfuel · Cumbria Woodlands

Get the most from your woodfuel

Expertise from Cumbria Woodlands is helping set up ‘chop-your-own’ schemes to manage woodlands and teach people how to chop, store and burn wood fuel efficiently.

For details, see or call 01539 822140

Business Resource Efficiency · Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency

Free business energy advice

CREA’s advisors are helping rural businesses save money through advice on reducing fuel use, and implementing renewable energy schemes.

To get advice for your business call 01768 891555, or see

Emergency Planning · Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service

Make a plan for flooding, gales and heavy snowfall

Cumbria CVS are working with ACTion with Communities in Cumbria to support individuals, organisations and communities to be better prepared in the event of an emergency, such as flooding or heavy snowfall.

For more info about Emergency Planning for your family or your community, call ACT on 01228 817224, or visit

Grow Your Own · Penrith & Eden Freegle

Share your excess garden produce

Our local Freegle group is helping people give away or receive excess produce, seeds, plants, and gardening equipment through their website. They offer advice on growing your own fruit and veg through walking tours and local events.

To start freegling, go to

Tree Whisperers · Penrith Action for Community Transition

Helping children understand climate change

Working with Cumbria Archive, PACT are helping school children understand the importance of woodlands in combating climate change through practical sessions in Eden’s woods and forests.

For full details on the fantastic activities the children are taking part in, see

Free Draughtproofing for Eden Residents

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Freegle Grow Your Own

Penrith & Eden Freegle launched their gardening sub group in February 2013, with the aim of encouraging residents of Eden…

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