Freegle Grow Your Own

Penrith & Eden Freegle launched their gardening sub group in February 2013, with the aim of encouraging residents of Eden District to grow their own fruit and veg, and pass on any gardening paraphernalia and also any extra items they’ve grown but have just too much of!

On a day to day basis Freegle operates via a Yahoo Group system but the volunteers have hosted events at Bolton Village Hall, The Soup Shop in the Devonshire Arcade in Penrith and attended a variety of other events like Kirkby Thore’s Seedy Sunday, CAfS’ own Sustainable Community Solutions¬† event in Appleby, Penrith Food & Farming Festival, and more recently Apple Day at Temple Sowerby.

Up to the end of September 2013, 110 people had passed items on – and that doesn’t include people that might have offered or requested items, or those who received items ‘off-line’ at events!¬† Plus, the Gardening Sub Group scheme has also been rolled out to six other Freegle groups across the UK – Edinburgh, Ely, Oswestry, Trafford and Burgess Hill.

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And see this short film of a local community event in Cumbria’s Eden Valley to promote the benefits of growing your own produce.
The event included a ‘give & take’ sharing of spare gardening items.

See also this new video about the group’s VEG visits!

Egg Map The group have also developed an Egg Map for the Eden Area, a place where those who sell produce from their gate can let new customers know where they are, or buyers can find produce available at the garden or farm gate local to them.