Penrith Action for Community Transition: Tree Whisperers

Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT ) are running the Tree Whisperers project to encourage children to  understand woodland as a resource, develop appreciation and connection with woods and encourage them to become custodians of the local landscape.

Working with Cumbria Archive, components of the project have already been mapped across the new national curriculum syllabus, covering a wide range of subjects including art and drama, English & maths and history and science.

Broadly, the project will offer schools practical, hands-on workshops, run in the woods by local woodland educators, showing children a variety of topics including tree identification, how wood was used, storytelling, woodland skills etc.

Already ten schools have been recruited to take part in the project, and funding has been applied for to expand the project to the Adult Education sector from the Summer term of 2014.

As the project develops, community and school engagement will be encouraged to contribute to the website e.g. notable tree tours, stories and images of favourite trees and so on.  The idea is to build a community and teaching resource as part of the legacy of the project. The project will also support tree planting and offer practical ways of becoming custodians of local woodland.

The film will be shown in and around Penrith at celebratory events and also uploaded as a resource on the project website which will be part of the legacy.

More details on the web-site and the film on the web-site: