Cumbria Wood Fuel School – useful links

Useful links

Cumbria Woodlands have been working locally to help promote wood fuel. Have a look at and follow the links. There is information and videos on batch log boilers, wood chip systems as well as information on burning wood well which you can point your customers towards.

If you or your customers want a cheap moisture meter for testing logs- this one is good value for £12 . We need to do all we can to make sure our firewood is dry before we burn it.

There are quite a few good websites on woodfuel out there; here are a few top hits:

Biomass Energy Centre website – The ‘one stop shop’ information site on biomass set up by the Forestry Commission.,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Wood Fuel Wales – Another all purpose wood fuel site with some good links to more technical information.

National Energy Foundation – part of NEF website aimed at promoting wood as a sustainable heating source

Low Carbon Cairngorms -Has a really good down to earth information on firewood; easy to navigate.

Forestry Commission pages – This site has links to other biomass information and access to research materials if you want to look in greater detail at UK timber. There is a useful biomass question and answer sheet.

And finally – a research paper from Finland if you are more interested in the technical side.