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Wilkin and Co

24 Deans Ct, Windlesham

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SEDA LIGHTING | LED Now and Future

SEDA lighting is founded based on the faith to provide energy saving and eco-friendly lighting solutions to human beings for…

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Passive House Systems

Passive House Systems are involved in air tightness in new builds and renovations since 2008. We are proud to be…

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Green Team Partnership

Renewable energy installer specialising in commercial biomass and solar pv.

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Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd

Wind turbine Installation, Service and Maintenance. Solar PV Installation. Battery storage and energy optimization. EV Charge point installation. Established for…

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Three Utilities

Cumbria’s independent water and energy broker. 100% renewable gas and electricity available now. [This supplier specialises in water and energy…

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Approved Inspectors Ltd

Approved Inspectors Ltd are qualified and experienced corporate-approved inspectors providing a private-sector building-control service to clients through out Cumbria and…

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Union Technical Services Ltd

At Union Technical we offer an extensive range of insulation, heating and renewable technology services. Providing energy-saving solutions that will…

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SRM Building Design Ltd

Certified Passivhaus Designers & Chartered Architectural Designers (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists). A small practice, providing a full design, project…

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Firewood Logs At Four Seasons Fuel In West Sussex, UK.

Firewood logs suppliers provides fire logs, hardwood logs, kiln dried logs, kiln dried firewood, wood burning logs, seasoned logs, softwood…

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North West Energy Consulting

Commercial and Domestic Energy Assessors, Training Provider

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Eco Arc Passive House Architects

Eco Arc is a RIBA award-winning ecological architecture practice, specialising in low-energy passive house & certified Passivhaus design.

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